jit.phys.multiple creates physical particles that dont match the model

    Apr 21 2013 | 7:54 pm
    I was playing around with jit.phys.multiple and get the effect I dont know how to get rid of:
    pressing step one and two should reproduce the phenomenon.
    you should be able to see 64 balls falling onto a plane, but the phys representation dont match with the rendered geometry. in my original patch it is even more significant.
    any ideas?

    • Apr 22 2013 | 3:06 pm
      hi, you have to give the correct destination name to "jit.gl.gridshape" connecting to "jit.gl.multiple"...
      very strange your location of the "jit.phys.world"....
    • May 08 2013 | 10:45 am
      Thanks a lot! I appreciate you took the time.