jit.pwindow for 2videos

    May 27 2010 | 5:24 pm
    Hello, I'm really new to jitter. I wanna control 2 videos through one jit.pwindow.
    That's the way I wanna control : there are 2 videos and if I type '1', the video 1 starts to play& if I type '2' ,(the video1 disappears and) the video 2 starts to play. It really seems to be easy! But there's a prob. Even though I press '2', I still see the video 1's last cut between the frames of video2!
    I used 'stop' message to stop the video, but it is not enough. I think I should remove video 1's data. Is there any message or object that can help me?
    + Sometimes, jitter cannot find 'mov' file in the same folder. Anyone knows why?

    • May 27 2010 | 5:28 pm
      You can use the [switch] object or to make it easy on yourself the graphical switch object or gswitch/ggate so that you can see which one is coming in.
      Also look at jit.xfade for another easy option that would give you the option to crossfade the two
      If you post example patches you tend to get more help -> select all the objects in a patch..then edit menu-> copy compressed and paste here