jit.qt.broadcast audio and buffer problems

    May 18 2007 | 10:54 pm
    Hi everyone,
    I am trying to use jit.qt.broadcast but it is killing me. Does anyone have a good audio codec. Even when i use unicast and set the aip i don't get any audio in the streaming movies. Also it is has a delay or buffer of about 4.3 seconds. I tried to change this in the sdp file below using txt editor. the file still worked but still had the delay of 4.30 seconds... any help sould be great...
    v=0 o=timdevine 3262380058 3262380058 IN IP4 00:16:CB:93:43:6C s=Jitter t=0 0 b=AS:46 b=TIAS:45 a=maxprate:6.000000 m=audio 8556 RTP/AVP 96 c=IN IP4 00:16:CB:93:43:6C b=AS:25 b=TIAS:24 a=maxprate:6 a=rtpmap:96 X-QDM/8000/1 a=x-bufferdelay:4.30 m=video 8554 RTP/AVP 97 c=IN IP4 b=AS:22 b=TIAS:21 a=maxprate:2 a=rtpmap:97 H263-1998/90000 a=cliprect:0,0,240,320 a=framesize:97 320-240