jit.qt.grab and decklink problems

    Apr 15 2006 | 1:46 am
    I'm trying to grab video using jit.qt.grab through my decklink extreme video card.
    I'm using the help file to test it out.
    I'm inputting through plain old composite.
    I set the vdevlist and inputlist to the right settings, but I just get the 'Blackmagic Design - no video input detected' screen in the digitiser window.
    Hmm. So I try inputting the same source using the firewire connector. I get the SAME blackmagic screen, even though I'm not using that device to capture, I'm using the internal firewire port.
    Double hmmm.
    So then I try the same thing is Final Cut Pro. Both firewire and composite ports are functioning as normal.
    At some stage in the past this setup worked fine. Since then I've upgraded Jitter and the Blackmagic driver.
    Has anything changed in the Jitter code that would make this stop working?
    Has anyone had similar issues?

    • Apr 15 2006 | 4:24 pm
      There haven't been any Jitter changes which should lead to this. If you check the input list, can you select a different input? There might be some driver specific or QT specific preferences that have led to this.