jit.qt.movie feature request @colorspace native (constructive criticism please)

    Jan 02 2008 | 6:35 pm
    I thought I might repost this in its own thread so it gets attention from the elves! (happy new year by the way!) Yes I am aware this may not happen at all, and if it does plan I can wait till 2.0 :P
    This was discussed in the uyvy optimization thread:
    *feature request below!*
    it might be nice if there was an attribute @colorspace native which would also dumpout the colorspace on the rightmost outlet (dumpout outlet) right before the movie plays its first frame, and load the movie natively.
    This would allow you to :
    *Have a fastpath GPU uploading solution that would retain alpha channel should your quicktime movie have one, or skip right to UYVY those that need it.
    *Decide what to do with the alpha channel should you want to keep it.
    I was thinking it might be useful for something like this: Does this make sense?