jit.qt.movie gapless sequential video playback

    Oct 09 2013 | 4:56 pm
    Evening all, I'm quite new to Max and jitter.
    I've built a simple system (see pasted patch) that in theory will play video files in in order (using the loop report to trigger the "read" of the next file into the window) using logic gates in a nice tree.
    However my main issue is getting the video's preloaded so when the "next" file is called there isn't the black half second halt between the files.
    In the end this will be a decision tree based on the Run toggle. So it moves down through the files until the toggle is set back to off and then runs a specific file to return to "idle" state and resets all the gates till the run toggle is set 1 again.
    My searching says that you can preload video into ram to remove the "pause" between files, but I can't make this work.
    Alternatively a logic gate similar ggate which works with matrix outputs would enable me to have multiple jit.qt.movie (one for each file) which could preload each video and store in a paused state and then be switched into the jit.window (seemless again) but this doesn't seem to exist easily..
    Any suggestions or pointers to what I should be reading would be great.
    (Oh and 720p video playback is never 100% smooth which is irritating, which I'm sure is again something I'm doing wrong)