jit.qt.movie+asyncread audio problem

    Jan 31 2006 | 2:23 pm
    When using asyncread the volume does not get to full level if a movie file was
    loadded before
    with a level below 1.
    Steps to reproduce:
    1) use jit.qt.movie.help
    2) change read to asyncread
    3) asyncread a movie
    4) start playing and scroll the volume to for ex. to 0.09
    5) asyncread another movie (you can also stop the running movie before)
    6) start playing the movie
    7) Now try to scroll the volume of this movie to full level-> level stays around
    the previous
    100% reproducible
    OSX 10.4.4
    QT 7.04 (same with QT7.01)
    G5 DC2.3GHz

    • Jan 31 2006 | 3:58 pm
      I can confirm this. I had to come up with some complicated
      workaround -- I think I sent a vol 1. message to the jit.qt.movie
      after stopping movie 1, and then loaded movie 2. kind of clunky....
    • Feb 18 2006 | 12:44 pm
      Thanks. Fixed for the next release.