jit.qt.record - realtime issues and sound

    Mar 04 2006 | 12:34 pm
    I've found a whole bunch of stuff online about jit.qt.record, and I'm pretty sure I understand how it works, but I'm not too sure about a workaround for what I want. It seems like this should be easy, but....
    Yesterday, I started what I thought would be a simple patch. Basically, I want to take a source movie and remove all frames that have an amplitude above or below a certain number (maybe both, but that's the easy part), keeping the sound for the frames that pass through intact. My first problem was that spigot~ doesn't work on 10.4.4, but I got around that with soundflower. I have two other problems:
    1. If I enable realtime, I get static frames (keeps sending the same one through) when the amplitude does not pass my test. If I disable realtime, the time distorts. Happy medium of only record when actually sending frames but do it in real time? Other suggestions? 2. No sound - I can't just record an aiff, as I only want sound when a frame gets sent through, and I want it perfectly synced.
    I really thought this would just be jit.qt.movie, spigot~ and meter~ with < and sel, jit.qt.record, and a few spares. I guess I completely misunderstood jit.qt.record's capabilities, cuz with the above issues, it seems like a much longer project that might require a fair amount of Final Cut intervention (taking away the generative aspect I kind of liked about this short-term patch play). Can anyone help with an elegant solution(s)? I'd really appreciate any and all help.
    my test patch so far (note that I'm using soundflower to route max's sound back into itself):
    thanks so much in advance,

    • Mar 04 2006 | 1:36 pm
      ok. I mostly figured out the timing issue (just some calculations with messages boxes to write, metro and meter~); it's just that both peakamp and meter~ truncate the interval decimals, and I'm not sure how that'll work out with sound when I try to sync it. Anyone have any ideas about this and/or how to record the sound only when frames are passed through? Thanks again,
    • Mar 04 2006 | 3:16 pm
      Apologies for list-clog. I feel like this patch should do it, but not so much.