jit.qt.record using h264 on windows

    Mar 31 2006 | 12:23 am
    I'm trying to export a movie using the h264 codec. I have quicktime 7pro
    installed and jit.qt.record reports h264 in its list of available codecs,
    but when I try to record a movie, nothing is written to my harddisk. Is this
    codec currently mac only or am I missing something? Thanks.

    • Mar 31 2006 | 12:34 am
      Currently we don't support the hooks for multiframe/multipass encoding with jit.qt.record (which is really the only way H.264 gets
      to be markedly smaller). So it might be dependent on the settings for
      H.264 (every frame should be keyframe, no multipass). I thought that
      this was working (at least on Mac), though I could be mistaken.
      Try jit.qt.movie's export fulldialog, and let us know if that works
      for H.264. If so, I would suggest you record to a relatively high
      quality file (e.g. photo jpeg), and then after completed open in
      jit.qt.movie and export as H.264 with any appropriate options set.
      This should be relatively automatable. Otherwise you'll need to find
      some other solution.
      Good luck.
    • Mar 31 2006 | 12:47 am
      Thanks I'll probably try it tomorrow. Now its time to get some sleep. I'll
      let you know if it worked out.