Dec 29 2018 | 6:05 pm
    Hi, I know this topic has come up before but I didn't get much from the answers so I wanted to just directly ask. hope that is ok. I have a jit.record coming from my jit.world and I just turn on output_matrix from that when I want to record. at first I just tried to record and found the video to be a nice quality but maybe twice as fast.. so I added the 'real_time' thing and even changed the fps to 60. the quality is terrible. why is it so hard to just make a nicely rendered video and what are my options now?

    • Dec 30 2018 | 11:41 pm
      hmm ok I am on a windows machine so I assumed maybe spout would work the same as your solution but I can't find anything like the 'syphon recorder' app for spout so a little unsure of how to proceed but will look further into it. thanks for your help
    • Dec 30 2018 | 11:47 pm
      looking into the OBS option now as described in this thread. will update when I get it to work or not work.
    • Dec 31 2018 | 12:11 am
      ok well, it seems like spoutcam, which can link into OBS is a 32 bit app so won't work with it?? the forum answers seem pretty unclear to me to be honest, but some people are just using OBS to screen capture with some good results.. I'll try that I guess, unless someone has made this work some other way..
    • Dec 31 2018 | 1:34 am
      well for my uses, OBS window capture is fine for now. thanks again