jit.repos lcd cut and paste

    Mar 21 2006 | 2:21 pm
    I like the repos object http://www.vcnet.com/~franz/max/vid.reposin.htm shows my projects with it I was building kaliedscopes with it by cutting out masked triangles from the original 2 plane 1-256 1|256 xy mask that looks like a green rainbow that is a non distorted positioning matrix and then twirling and recombining the fragments I was even thinking of printing out those color fields and trying to do realtime repositioning with the camera watching me bend the color plate masks Ive been working in a matrix thats only 256 by 256 because the lcd enviroment is limited to those numbers in rgb, but if I wanted to do cut and paste work on a 640 by 480 matrix coordinates I would never be able to "see" the entire mask at once in a graphicinterface for the collage process, does it sound plausable to use jit.lcd to create a white triangle in a blackmask then transfere it into float 32 and jit.op it to big numbers like (400,600) area of the float 32 matrix, then skiping the visualization of the mask just go straight to seeing the effect on the through matrix to jit.reposin?
    additionaly a feedback question, jitter makes it pretty stream lined to do pixel feedback with jit.rota and jit.submatrix but has anyone tried to do feedback involving jit.reposin's position matrix, I often use jit.map to stop the out of bounds chaos that reposin is so stubborn against, but imagine pisel position feedback and pixel colorfeedback both working their chaosmagic in different directions together