jit. unkonwn matrix in max for live - bug?

    Aug 31 2010 | 12:12 pm
    Hello I have a strange problem. I've connected a jit.dx grab obj to an xfade. I've encapsulated the dx.grab obect and used send and the xfade receives the video source. and it works actually. but i get error messages from the max window which says jit.xfade - unkown matrix. all this occurs when i am patching inside a new max for live audio effect patch. when i copy paste the same patch into a normal max patch i don't get these errors. also i recognized, when i put the patch cords directly into the xfade object in the m4l patch the error messages are gone. so i wonder where the problem is or if it could be a bug...? have any of you noticed a similar behaviour?
    kind regards