jit.window glitch - Help?

    Apr 24 2011 | 3:26 am
    Hi, running Windows 7, Max 5.1.8
    When I go fullscreen with jit.window, it appears to be "sliced" as if I had used "scissors and glue" to move a bottom row to the middle of the screen and there is a large black space where it used to be. It does it with all of the presets except for number 1 in Jitter Tutorial 14. It also does it in a lot of other patches.

    • Apr 25 2011 | 8:15 pm
      Can't tell what the problem is with this as an example. Behaves as expected on my machine (Mac 10.6.7). If you are playing with the srcdimstart/end and dstdimstart/end you can expect it to cut up the image or leave blank spaces if it repositions it.
      However, I'm assuming you know this so if it's a more complicated problem than that, it could be an issue with your graphics card leaving OpenGL artifacts when you go fullscreen.
      WHat's your hardware?
    • Apr 26 2011 | 2:28 pm
      Hey thanks for the reply,
      I'm not sure what hardware information to give you other than my graphics card which is an ATI Mobility Radeon X1300. My display mode is 1400x1050. Let me know if you need any more information.