jit.window performance/resolution problem

    Nov 15 2006 | 11:31 am
    hallo list,
    i have a question about jit.window and performance:
    i want to render with a pretty big resolution, actually over 7000x1024 with a multi-monitor-solution, but when the jit.window gets a resolution over 3969 of the x-value the performance gets really bad suddenly - the jump is exactly between 3969 and 3970 of the x-value.
    i am rendering a sphere with a texture of 4000x2000 (with jit.gl.sketch) and 3d-text, but i think it is a jit.window-problem. when rendering only 3d-text the problem is the same. is there a limit of jit.window or what could be the problem?
    i sent the patch, the example texture can be found here (actually not needed): http://gonzo.uni-weimar.de/~schnei30/Public/jitter/
    thank you for any help thilo
    ps: version: windows:max/msp 4.5.5, jitter 1.5.2