Jitter and Streaming

    Mar 23 2010 | 11:48 pm
    Apologies for the very naive problem. I've just upgraded to max 5 in order to use Jitter for a presentation. My needs are simple but I'm struggling. Basically I want to be able to trigger some full screen QT video (HD) from inside my patch on a projector connected to my lap-top. I've done the tutorials with the demo movie okay but when I try to load a video file of any size (a few minutes of 1080 video, e.g), the computer freezes. I'm confused by the help files for jit.qt.movie/ jit.window's reference to 'loading the movie into RAM' - it is streaming from the disk rather loading the whole thing into RAM, right? I was anticipating jitter having some kind of equivalent to both groove~ and sfplay~ objects and obviously I need the video equivalent to the latter. Any suggestions appreciated.

    • Mar 24 2010 | 6:06 am
      • Be sure that your clip is in a codec that's easy to stream. PhotoJPEG works great. • Make sure to use qmetro instead of metro, since it's better to skip a frame than hang your computer. • When playing HD files, use "@adapt 1" in jit.qt.movie, so you don't get the default 320x240 dimensions.
      If the clip will fit in the amount of available RAM, you can send jit.qt.movie the "loadram" message to load it into RAM after you read it. When trying this, it can be useful to monitor memory usage with Activity Monitor (Mac).
      If you don't use the loadram message, the movie will play from disk.
    • Jul 11 2013 | 4:38 pm
      hello, this thread has been ago quite a while ago, but I might join for a little question: how does the jitter stream from disk work? does it pre-buffer the files for zero-latency playback? i'm interested, because i would like to use it with soundfiles, as sflist~ seems to have a bug... thanks a lot, i hope you're still around here, best