Jitter focused course in Australia

    Jan 15 2016 | 2:40 am
    Hi Guys,
    I'm doing a PhD in visual music at Newcastle University NSW and would like to learn more about jitter. Are there any jitter focused courses, workshops, etc, that I can attend in Australia this year?
    Any help is appreciated, Gavin

    • Jan 15 2016 | 7:37 am
      I was looking at this the other day - there isnt a heap of ma courses in Australia, and those that do crop up generally focus on audio. RMIT in melbourne have had max courses in the past, but i dont believe they run regularly/ anymore - http://www1.rmit.edu.au/courses/038516
      Ive often thought about starting a course/ tuition for complete beginners (thats about as much as i could help with), but am unsure as to the size of the market and whether it would be worthwhile.
    • Jan 29 2017 | 3:52 pm
      Hi, Wondering if you made any traction on finding a suitable avenue for learning jitter/Max in Australia. I'm about to start my degree at UoN and want to use Max for my major projects but have no idea where to even start.
    • Jan 30 2017 | 2:30 am
      I have a destinction in Jitter/Max/Msp from Sydeny Uni. I can provide private tutoring if you desire. Newcastle is too backward to do these high end programs.
      My email is gavin.beck@newcastle.edu.au
    • Feb 04 2017 | 6:43 am
      Sorry, auto-correct grrr... The best thing to DO in Newcastle is to buy "Electronic Music and Sound Design - Theory and Practice with Max and Msp" Book TWO to do these high end programs.
    • Feb 24 2017 | 2:35 pm
      Second this.
      Would be excited to find out if any short courses are happening anywhere, particularly Melbourne.
      Am doing my Masters in Music, and while I did a little Max in my Bachelor and last year in my first year of masters, I feel there is so much room for improvement..
      Happen to be in Eu on holiday right now and was so distraught finding out that I fly back to Aus the DAY of the IRCAM forum and classes :(