Jitter Matrix re-shaping/transform?

    Dec 07 2006 | 6:58 pm
    Your best bet is to use opengl and a textured videoplane. It's the most intuitive interface for doing this kind of thing. As for jit.mxform2d, the parameters are a projective transformation in 2D with the 3rd column in the help patch the homogenous coordinates, upper left 2x2 tdiagonal the scale factor, the left 2 cells of the lower row as the translation, and the upper left 2x2 matrix the rotation matrix.
    On 12/7/06, Valentin wrote: > > Thanks for responding, Jean-Francois :-) > > I guess a good way to envision what I want is to give an example : > > Lets say that I want to take a normal 4:3 or 16:9 quicktime movie, and project it so that it fits prefectly on a trapezoidal scrim. > > (i.e. top and bottom parallel, but top maybe 2/3 or so the width of the bottom) I don't want to just crop or mask the image, i want to distort it in jitter to fit the trapezoidal shape of the surface. > > I did look at mxform2d - but the docs don't give any useful examples of how to use it to achieve any particular transformation of the image.. I could try to dig into the math - but it would be great to know if there is a simple way to understand what that function really does :-) > > Thanks! > > - Valentin > >