jitter OS 9 pain

    Apr 18 2006 | 11:58 am
    I think I've installed jitter 1.1.4 and maxmsp 4.1 onto a beige G3 233.
    These are on a 2gb partition with os 9.1 (os 10.0.3 being installed on the other 2 gb partition).
    On max startup, the error: can't fragload jit.cellblock (missing QuickTimeLib--MediaGetPublicInfo) turns up... along with similar for jit.fpsgui and jit.pwindow.
    The jitter objects don't appear in patchers... and jitter objects, appearing in a patcher made on another computer, appear... greyed out.
    I've moved the jitlib to the extensions folder... reinstalled the software a few times... and come to the edge of my computing know how...
    Any suggestions are very welcome.
    all the best,

    • Apr 18 2006 | 5:27 pm
      Sounds like you need to upgrade QT. Try installing QT 6. Also Jitter 1.2.4 is the most recent OS 9 release, and probably worth upgrading to.