Jitter problems

    Sep 12 2006 | 2:51 am
    hello list.
    i notice that most of the posts to this forum are Max/MSP related and few
    people post questions about jitter. But I'm having a little problem and I'm
    hoping someone out there can help me. It may be a hardware issue, but i'm
    hoping someone out there might have some insight. anything helps.
    here it goes.
    I'm Running Max 4.57 and Jitter 1.5. on a single chip 1.6gHz G5. I just
    installed a new Raedon video card and was trying to output to multiple
    screens (using both the Raedon and the GeForce that comes with the G5). It
    worked fine untill I tried to output to 3 displays at once. Since then,
    processing of some of the patches I made have slowed down significantly,
    making them pretty much useless. Now I'm using only 1 card (the Raedon) and
    just outputting to 2 displays, but the problem persists. I'm only getting
    about 3fps, and I was getting at least 20fps prior to this incident. I've
    rebooted, reset, re-everything other than wipe the hard drive and start over
    again. I'm hoping there's another option out there.
    Can anyone help?
    thanks a lot.