Jitter recognizes USB video output as a separate video output?

    Nov 02 2010 | 7:07 pm
    I really need to find a way to send out video by using USB (which seems cheaper way than ethernet). If I connect USB2DVI convertor to USB port on my macbook pro, will Jitter recognizes it as another output? because I am thinking to send video through USB using jit.qt.videoout
    If it will be just an extended screen, maybe I gotta capture the extra screen.
    thank you Jun

    • Nov 02 2010 | 7:49 pm
      As far as I know these will appear as a monitor output, not a QT component output usable with jit.qt.videoout.
      The other downside of such devices is that generally they do not support OpenGL acceleration. This may not be true of the device that you're considering buying, but I'm not aware of any that do support 3D acceleration.
    • Nov 02 2010 | 8:18 pm
      Thanks for reply. I might go for capture physically the extra laptop screen with a jitter window is on, by using screen capture hardware stuff. Can't think any other options to do this.