Job Listing Interactive Designer NZ

    Apr 29 2006 | 5:34 am
    Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Digital Media Design (Ref SA0615D) The candidate must possess keen insights into the current directions of Digital Media Design research with an emphasis on intuitive human computer Interface/Interaction Design and be interested in teaching those skills and theoretical knowledge to support the design, production and criticism of a range of trends in 3D and 4D Digital Media studio disciplines; create a diverse environment for cross- disciplinary and trans-disciplinary exploration of Digital Media research; focus on development of the Interface/Interaction design component ie: tangible user interfaces, sensing physical computing, augmented reality, real-time collaborative networks; have a clearly defined personal design research-led philosophy that will not only enrich these areas of speciality but also actively contribute to building up an integrated, multifaceted and distinctive programme.
    Marcia Lyons Program Director Digital Media | Cinematics | Telematics School of Design, Victoria University of Wellington
    P.O. Box 600 139 Vivian Street Wellington, New Zealand tel.+ 64 4 463 6278
    fax.+64 4 463 6204
    CFO, Producer | C-M.TV