JS Linking live.dial and its DeviceParameter?

    Oct 17 2020 | 6:58 am
    Say I have a live.dial in my patch.
    If i iterate through this.patcher.firstobject ; .nextobject etc, I can get the Max object with varname I set etc.
    If i iterate through LiveAPI("this_device").get("parameters"), I can see the DeviceParameter object.
    Is it possible to get the DeviceParameter's live id or something from the Max object?
    The only info in the DeviceParameter seems to be Short Name, which is not enough info for me to manually match it to its corresponding Max object in the patch.
    What I would ultimately like to do, is in the callback of the DeviceParameter value change, set some info based on the Max Object and send a message.
    An alternative would be if I could get a direct js callback when the live.dial Max object value changes, i.e. not using a message.
    Hope this makes sense.