JS liveapi, something changed between max 5 & 6

    Aug 28 2013 | 3:09 pm
    Ive been using this wonderful device on maxforlive.com
    However, it is now broken in live 9 Max6 (works fine in Live 8 max 5).
    Inside the device is a JS file, and when the device is launched there is an error "randomizer is undefined"
    Can anyone explain why this might happen between different versions of max?
    Ive been through trying to debug where the issue occurs (it seems to fail when it calls the "New Device" class and cannot iterate over the devices on the track.
    However, I havent been able to locate why this happens. I can see there is a function that is observing the devices "device_name_observer", but cant tell what happens from here.\
    Would be grateful for any help in getting this working again.