js & reading sensors on MS surface pro 2 tablet

    May 04 2014 | 7:54 am
    Hi all,
    I've never used js in Max in all these years...not sure why now that I looked over the docs! Quite useful.
    Anyhoo...I have an MS surface pro 2 tablet. Lots of built in sensors and one of the ways you can access the data is via java script. I knew it was wishful thinking, but couldn't get it work in Max. I am assuming it's because the calls made in the code are outside the standard js library... at least that's my guess. Here's my js code:
    inlets = 1;
    outlets = 4;
    // bang -- start data stream
    function bang()
       var sensor = Windows.Devices.Sensors.OrientationSensor.getDefault();
    	if (sensor) {
    		// Select a report interval that works for the app and that the sensor supports.
    		var minimumReportInterval = sensor.minimumReportInterval;
    		var reportInterval = minimumReportInterval > 20 ? minimumReportInterval : 20;
    		// Set the report interval to enable the sensor for polling
    		sensor.reportInterval = reportInterval;
    		var reading = sensor.getCurrentReading();
    		if (reading) {
    			var quaternion = reading.quaternion;
    			var x = quaternion.x;
    			var y = quaternion.y;
    			var z = quaternion.z;
    			var w = quaternion.w;
    			// output values
    			outlet(0, x);
    			outlet(1, y);
    			outlet(2, z);
    			outlet(3, w);
    It gives an error: js: orientation-sensor-read-test.js: Javascript ReferenceError: Windows is not defined, line 11
    So my question is: is there a way to extend the js library to include whatever is needed to accomplish what I want to above? There are also other potential paths (c++, c#, vb), but my non-max programming stopped at Fortran77 :)
    Thanks in advance for any nudges in the right direction.
    Cheers, David

    • May 06 2014 | 3:30 pm
      Thought I'd try again to see if there were any javascript gurus out there that might have some idea on how to make this work. Even a "won't work in Max" would be great so I can head down another path with this.
      Thanks!! David