JunoControl - M4L Patch for the Roland JUNO-106

    Feb 19 2010 | 5:01 am
    I wrote JunoControl.amxd to make automating the Juno-106 much easier in Ableton Live. The knobs are set to automap like macro controller knobs (on the APC40 you can access the 8 knobs on the right by holding shift and pressing 2). To flip the switches up or down click on the text rather than the actual switch (i.e. + or - for the ENV POL).
    With the exception of the program change display, this patch is unidirectional and will not sync to any changes made on the Juno-106 hardware. (If someone would like to put in the time to code this patch to be bidirectional that would be great)
    To overcome the SysEx messaging issue currently posed by Live I wrote a router called JunoRouter.maxpat. This MUST be open in Max Runtime.
    Suggested instructions:
    Drop JunoControl.amxd on a MIDI track in Ableton Live Drop an External Instrument to the right of JunoControl. Set the MIDI and Audio routings according to your setup. Right click JunoRouter.maxpat and “Open With” MAX Runtime. Select the MIDI Port your Juno-106 hardware is connected to. Set this up in the Audio/MIDI application(Mac). (I am not sure what the procedure is for Windows OS)
    That’s it.
    All of the buttons and knobs can be mapped and automated using Live’s MIDI learn function. There is one issue that I have not been able to figure out.....you have to click on a button or switch twice for the setting to be made on the Juno hardware (first click changes on the M4L GUI, second click changes on the Juno). This is my first M4L patch so if you know what the issue is with this please let me know.
    I hope this patch is useful for you Juno-106 owners. It sure is for me.