jusi: draw opaque colour on image background

    Mar 08 2007 | 12:37 am
    I'm just polling to get some opinions on this: I'd like to have a jsui toggle based upon a pair of images (ie. on & off states) - like the js example image toggle - BUT, I'd also like to draw a solid colour over part of it. This is to create a screen control that shows an incrementing/decrementing bargraph with an image background (not using multislider because I need to set the slider max value on the fly...)
    I can do both of these individually but I'm wondering where to start combining them. Anyone?
    Would the correct approach be to use a sketch object, with the desired image object used as a texture?
    Of course, the simplest thing would be to draw into sketch with a transparent background - but from my messing around & reading the docs I don't think this is possible (?).
    Anyone with some ideas on this?
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