Keeping pattr automation in sync with note-ons

    Sep 14 2011 | 1:37 pm
    Would anyone care to share techniques on how to keep pattr automation synchronised with note-ons (So that a synth's parameters are updated before triggering the next note)?
    Most of my sequencing and automation is done at audio rate, so I don't have a problem keeping these in sync.
    However, for my MIDI gear I convert trigger clicks to bangs with [edge~]. The timing is a bit tighter than just using [metro], and I've got no problem with this approach.
    I use [pattr] to store a bunch of MIDI CCs for my outboard gear. All of my CCs go through a [change] and [speedlim] before hitting the MIDI out. I sequence 'patch changes' via [edge~] and [snapshot~], but can't get it to work reliably.
    I read an older thread about the latency of the [pattr] system, and was wondering if it might be more efficient to store my synth parameters in a Jitter matrix, and just query a bunch of matrix cells every time a patch changes?
    Sorry if this is old ground, but if anyone has run up against this sort of timing problem and has some tried and tested methods to tackle it, I'd be very grateful to hear.