Kernel panic with jitter 1.6 and a Intel Mac

    Jul 26 2006 | 3:14 pm
    I'm experiencing a kernel panic on an Intel iMac using the built-in iSight webcam
    Jitter 1.6.0 beta 4, Quicktime 7.1.2, Mac OS 10.4.7, iMac Core Duo 2 GHz.
    Steps to reproduce :
    - open jit.qt.grab helpfile - activate the metro - click on open (it should open the iSight webcam video signal) - open the patcher grab-to-disk - click on write (it opens a dialog box) - Choose the name of the video you want to record. - Click save on the dialog box
    Kernel Panic.
    The iSight webcam on this iMac is working well with other video softwares (iChat, Quicktime Pro...)
    Can anyone reproduce this ?