Kinect and Max 6 and MAC OS

    Jan 02 2012 | 9:46 am
    Let me start by saying that if I'm missing a really obvious 'how to' guide for kinect and max somewhere, or another post, please feel free to direct me! I have been looking, but thought a post might also shed some light on this new world of fun.
    I've just bought a kinect and am itching to try it in the delightful world of max 6 (of which I've recently upgraded from 5).
    And I've been trawling alot of sights, as obviously this is far from plug and play. The main one I've found is this:
    So there's a few key questions I've got:
    1) Do I need to upgrade my MAC OS from 10.5.8 to a version of 10.6 in order to get a kinect to work with max 6? (I'm runnng a macbook pro 2.5ghz 2gb RAM Intel).
    2) Does the jit.freenect.grab work with max 6? I seem to be getting an error in my max window after installing it saying:
    jit.freenect.grab: unable to load object bundle executable 2012-01-02 20:49:33.067 Max[416:20b] Error loading /Applications/Max6/Cycling '74/jit.freenect.grab.mxo/Contents/MacOS/jit.freenect.grab: dlopen(/Applications/Max6/Cycling '74/jit.freenect.grab.mxo/Contents/MacOS/jit.freenect.grab, 262): no suitable imag e found. Did find: /Applications/Max6/Cycling '74/jit.freenect.grab.mxo/Contents/MacOS/jit.freenect.grab: unknown required load command 0x80000022
    3) Terminal, it's been a while since my DOS days, so I'm a little rusty with an interface like that. I know that the tohm judson guide uses macports, while the open kinect also recommends fink and homebrew. I have installed macports but to no avail, and seemed to have better luck with homebrew, but it detected macports and suggested i remove it before using it. And now I've confused myself....
    So, there is a question here! Two parts: Which is preferable for a newb? And, how do I remove the other one? :)
    Many thanks in advance!

    • Jan 02 2012 | 10:18 am
      hi toddak, did you also look at Synapse?
    • Jan 02 2012 | 4:27 pm
      jit.freenect.grab is buggy. has a memory leak (only shows after some hours of non-stop operation) and it loses connection under high cpu loads. it's also from pre-OpenNI times, ie. hacked and reverse engineered. of course it might still be useful to you, for example if you need the depth map directly in max.
      i'm working on a mac version of jit.openni: i hope to add skeleton tracking to it. no promises on when i'll have anything working though.
      i went through most -if not all- the options for working with the kinect and Max on mac (without coding and compiling in Xcode). for now i settled with SimpleOpenNI for Processing: i use that library in a Processing app that does the skeleton tracking and sends the data as OSC to Max (it's really just slightly adapted sample code). working this way has the advantage of it being open as opposed to synapse, OSCeleton, etc which you'd have to recompile yourself if you want changes for your specific needs (which i do).
      plus on the same page is an easy installer that puts all kinect libraries and drivers into place for you. really handy way of getting around the confusing mess which is the OpenNI/NITE/sensorkinect world.
    • Jan 02 2012 | 4:56 pm
      as the tohm in that post :), I can say this...
      move to Synapse... much simpler to take with you everywhere, an I really enjoy the built in info such as "most front hand"
      You would need 10.6 for the OpenNI install on my site if I remember correctly, but I did the whole thing in max 5, but it should be the same
      there is also this
    • Jan 02 2012 | 6:56 pm
      I am very excited about the potential of interfacing kinect to MAX. I am also trying to run jit.freenect.grab on my macbook:
      OSX 10.5.8 3.06GHz Intel MAX 5
      When opening the jit.freenect.grab.maxhelp like toddak I receive:
      jit.freenect.grab: unable to load object bundle executable 2012-01-02 12:25:47.783 MaxMSP[1761:20b] Error loading /Applications/Max5/Cycling '74/jit.freenect.grab_rc4/jit.freenect.grab.mxo/Contents/MacOS/jit.freenect.grab: dlopen(/Applications/Max5/Cycling '74/jit.freenect.grab_rc4/jit.freenect.grab.mxo/Contents /MacOS/jit.freenect.grab, 262): no suitable image found. Did find: /Applications/Max5/Cycling '74/jit.freenect.grab_rc4/jit.freenect.grab.mxo/Contents/MacOS/jit.freenect.grab: unknown required load command 0x80000022
      I am able to open the run the jit.freenect.grab.maxhelp patch and receive data from the kinect on a borrowed machine running OSX 10.6.8 but I would like to use my own computer. According to the information on It works on OSX 10.5 and higher and requires MAX 5. Is it possible to run jit.freenect.grab on an OSX 10.5? If so is there something I am missing?
      thank you,
    • Jan 02 2012 | 10:20 pm
      Wow, thanks all!
      Ergaster: Downloading it now! Are you using synapse with jit.freenect.grab?
      Tohm: Thanks for the heads up! And your wonderful how to guide from the previous post :) When you say 'much simpler to take everywhere with you' are you implying that its easy to install on, let's say, another computer for installation artworks with a version of runtime on it too?
      Dtr and everyone:
      So, just to clarify a little of this process in newb terminology. Kinect obviously needs some form of 'driver' to interact with max yeah? And is this what all the Terminal programming is to do? And, if I am to assume correctly, depending on what actions specifically you are trying to get out of the kinect, that changes how you program your 'driver' through Terminal?
      I'm not at that stage yet, but fear it may be in the pipe line.
      Also, any idea's with my jit.freenect.grab error message?
      Many many thanks again! This has been very enlightening :D
    • Jan 02 2012 | 11:23 pm
      You need: - a driver to connect to the kinect - an application that uses the driver/kinect - the openni and NITE libraries (in most cases)
      jit.freenect.grab uses an older hacked driver. i think all the others use avin2's driver, which i guess really just is a slight modification of the official primesense sensor driver. primesense can't officially support the kinect because of agreements with microsoft but the kinect just is a repackaged primesense camera. see &
      the driver by itself doesn't do anything without an application accessing it. the jit.freenect.grab external for max is such a program, as are osceleton, synapse and processing apps using the simpleopenni library.
      most apps need the openni and NITE libraries to function. jit.freenect.grab doesn't as it was developed before primesense released them.
    • Jan 02 2012 | 11:42 pm
      Yes, easy to transport...
      I have used it several times, on different cpu's using Runtime... all running from my jumpdrive...makes my life easier. Also makes others lives easier since I can just give hem Synapse and they can run my stuff in Runtime, for example, I am working with a dancer in Berlin that I can just email the max stuff and not have to worry about her doing a full install or owning max...
      but that just how I work... I have heard some other great things about using the full install like on my site.
      Like much of max, it really depends on what your end goal/product is... my goal was to work with one dancer, but on many different computers and across the sea, so Synapse was my answer...
    • Jan 03 2012 | 7:44 am
      dtr: Aha, so things like synapse converts these things into midi values then that max can understand? As opposed to making an object to do all the decoding as in jit.freenect.grab?
      And I'm guessing I need to install those libraries then...
      Tohm: That makes alot of sense. I'm making art works that I'm hoping to exhibit overseas more and more, so the idea that I can set things up with less trouble shooting is very appealing (and also for 'plan b's' when performing live!). I'll be using quite basic features of kinect to begin with, but who knows... I'll see how creative my mind gets, then force my programming to catch up with my artistic intent :)
      To all:
      Synapse looks like a win. I've just ordered the snow leopard update, will touch back again once its installed and tell you all how its going! :)
    • Jan 03 2012 | 9:10 am
      no you dont need to install libs to use synapse or jit.freenect
    • Jan 06 2012 | 6:14 am
      Hi all!
      Just an update for those who might be following or stumbling across this thread in their own research...
      Upgraded to 10.6.3 snow leopard (very cheap from mac by the way), running synapse, and looking at an entertaining 3d version of myself. About to dive into tracking joints and start to decipher things a little more.
      Synapse... wow... wormholes of fun :) Many thanks again everyone!! :D
    • Jan 08 2012 | 5:54 pm
      FYI the latest jit.freenect.grab seems to work just fine on Max 6, so does latest Synapse on MacOS 10.6 Personally interested if anyone is running on Mac OS 10.7
    • Jan 09 2012 | 2:54 am
      Jeremybailey: Yeah, I've just fired that up at jit.freenect.grab seems to be working. But...
      Everyone: I'm having trouble getting any useable data out of my kinect. It all seems to be working, but the patches I've downloaded to try to reverse engineer from don't seem to be giving me any sort of co ordinates to work with. Does anyone have a basic patch they could share?
      And is it true that OSCeleton is the only one that can track multiple bodies?
    • Jan 09 2012 | 3:38 am
      Update: At the moment I'm thinking something may be set up wrong. I've downloaded beatwheel just to see if I could another patch to work, but no avail either. Is there something else I have to set up in max in order to get the data to come though from synapse into max?
    • Jan 09 2012 | 4:09 am
      Last update for the moment:
      From doing a bit more research, it would seem that there's a few pieces of software needed to get a kinect to work.
      Would it be possible that while I'm able to get vision from the camera into max, that I'm missing the motion tracking part?
    • Jan 11 2012 | 3:12 pm
      hi toddak
      did you also download the Jitter plugin ? @
      drop it into the max/cycling74 folder. here's a test patch that works for me...
      greetings ergaster
    • Jan 11 2012 | 4:19 pm
      @jeremybayley: jit.freenect.grab runs on Max5 and Lion. I'll check Max6 when I get into the studio.
    • Apr 24 2012 | 12:34 am
      Any of you using multiple Kinect devices at the same time? I've been using Synapse and am very pleased, but need to do a project with to Kinects in two different locations simultaneously. I'm sure I can figure out how to recompile Synapse using device IDs but not sure if I should try running two instances of Synapse, or rebuild the main to handle multiple Kinect IDs within a single application... or maybe to use Synapse to build a Max/jitter standalone or import the code into a Gen object (which I haven't played with yet). Any suggestions welcome!
    • May 05 2012 | 6:29 pm
      I bought my Kinect today, so I'm very new to it. I installed Synapse and some related Max Patches (running Max 6) on my Mac Book Air (OS X 10.7.3) and everything works like a charm.
      BUT: On my Mac Pro Synapse does NOT work (just shows a strange pattern). (The same with cocoaKinect: works great on my MB Air, but not at all on my Mac Pro.) MB Air and Mac Pro are running the same system (OS X 10.7.3).
      I know that this is not strictly a Max question, but maybe anyone here experienced similar problems with Kinect on a certain Mac? Any suggestions would be very appreciated.
    • May 05 2012 | 6:39 pm
      Graphics card might be the first thing to look at in that difference More info please Starfish
    • May 05 2012 | 10:28 pm
      Graphics card in the Mac Pro: ATI Radeon HD 5870 (1024 MB).
    • May 06 2012 | 1:29 am
      Sorry for the delayed response....
      I meet up with chris vik, and saw what he was doing with kinnect, which was a pretty fun meet and greet. Turns out one thing I'd missed along the way was to strike the 'cactus pose' in order to get the body recognition to work....
      You can tell I'm not a gamer...
    • May 18 2012 | 9:25 pm
      Hello guys, as a new excited user of max and Kinect I would like a clarification on working with the jit.synapse.mxo please.. Jit.synapse.mxo does the work of synapse app or I will need first to have open the synapse app and then open the max to receive the data from the kinect using the jit.synapse.mxo??
      I was considering to install OSCelleton because I saw that synapse app consumes enough cpu power, so if I go on and install OSCelleton then l will have to run OSCelleton first and then open max to grab the image from jit.synapse.mxo right??
      The reason for all that is that I would like to learn how to use max msp to receive the data (right/left hand) from the kinect to adjust and control parameters from max patches to create sounds (or control sounds) and I think for the visual part to use the QC which to me seems easy enough to create some visuals.. I dont know if I picked up the right combination but I think it works till now with QC. I need now to find out how to deal with max msp and I am a bit confused so please shed your lights and give me some advices..
      thanks in advance
    • Feb 26 2013 | 9:42 pm
      Hey all, I have been SCOURING these boards trying to limp through the Tohm Judson tutorial. I've gotten to the point where I need to download NITE and then install it then run it with a test. I have downloaded and installed it correctly. Apparently the new additions dont require you to enter the code in so I am fine with that. Its when I need to copy the three files I get lost, i just cannot find those three files at all. When I skip that step and try to run the Sample-PointViewer program i cant even find it within the download file. I have simple hand tracker and hand viewer and user viewer and a few others but not sample point viewer. When I try to run any of these i get the message
      Open Device failed: DeviceOpen using default: no devices found
      So i dont know if this is because i cant find the three files to copy or if I have messed up somewhere else in the step process. Please HELP! I will be here to answer and questions for my workflow process.
      Thanks a ton guys the info so far on all these boards has gotten me farther than ever before!
    • Apr 07 2014 | 9:38 am
      any idea if synapse runs on 10.8.5, When I try to run it synapse just crashes. Any ideas on getting kinect and maxmsp running on 10.8.5 or 10.9?
      All the best
    • Apr 07 2014 | 6:12 pm
      i would try jit.openni first:
    • Apr 08 2014 | 6:38 am
      @Rob : I was about to try openNI when I learnt that apple is about to kill openNI. Any new information about that ?
    • May 22 2014 | 6:47 am
      Hello everyone, I've been using KinectA:
      I've started with the hand tracking and I wish this patch existed when I first plugged in a kinect:
    • May 22 2014 | 8:29 am
      It looks like KinectA is still using OpenNI and more importantly NITE so the Apple issue is still there. It says they must be installed for the Windows version to work so I'm assuming they are bundled in the OSX installer.
    • Aug 30 2014 | 2:57 pm
      Thanks for the patch Dantank. I'm confused about the routing of kinecta, and why the hands keep changing ID:
      route 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 80
      How is one meant to keep track of hands if they change ID incrementally when they are out of sight (for example in front of body)? Can anyone explain?
    • Aug 30 2014 | 10:04 pm
      ooo .. that's perfect... i love max6