La kitchen Kroonde crash problem

    Apr 22 2006 | 1:18 pm
    Can anyone help?
    I am working with the La Kitchen Kroonde unit for capturing movement data. I have used the patches which are supplied by la kitchen to import the data from the sensors into MAX/MSP. This comes in via the UDP ethernet connection and works fine. I receive data ok. However, as soon as I turn on the DSP, the signals from Kroonde almost immediately stop and then MAX stops responding.
    I are running the latest version of MAX/MSP and any core audio device creates the same crash. For instance, if I open up the La Kitchen patch supplied - all is ok BUT when I add any DSP object and turn DSP on, CRASH. There is obviously some conflict here. Any suggestions?
    Patrick Nunn

    • Apr 22 2006 | 1:32 pm
      It is not clear if you tried any MSP patch alone (I mean without UDP objects). Does it work ?
      If not, trash your preferences ?
      Is overdrive on ?
    • Apr 22 2006 | 1:59 pm
      I remember some problem with fast udp data with "Scheduler in audio interupt on". If turning off the option make it work, and you need the option to be enabled, you can use the udpsend/udpreceive objets which are thread safe :
      Best, ej
    • Apr 22 2006 | 2:47 pm
      Ok thanks. Yes, MAX patches without UDP work fine. Yes, overdrive is on. It's just the combination of UDP and audio so will try out the suggestions tomorrow.
      Many thanks