Last attempt: I still need help on my Max 6 Jitter situation, Please!

    Nov 24 2011 | 10:57 am
    Still having problems with Jitter and Quicktime 7 in Max 6. Any help, please? It`s the same situation Windows users like me have been experiencing for years now. (hope my investiment was not a waste of time and money). Thanks in advance

    • Nov 24 2011 | 1:45 pm
      Hi Marcelo, as many many many users around the globe im using max5 and now max6 in windows XP and 7 and everything works fine since years...
      you did some posts in the forum but without being specific and because this nobody answer... what exactly means jitter and quicktime dont talks each other?
      also notice that if you have some problem with max5 patches now in max6 its obvious that the best will be post the patch... dont you think?
      theres a lot of people helping around but you need to be clear with your problem to get this help... relax and take a look here:
    • Nov 24 2011 | 8:18 pm
      hi. please send an email to
    • Nov 24 2011 | 10:19 pm
      Hi carsol, thanks for the tips. The problem is the same I've been reading somewhere else in this Forum. I always get this message and no audio at all from my videos:check /WINDOWS/system32 for an out of date qtmlclient.dll, or try reinstalling QT Jitter initialized spigot~ and other QT 7 specific Jitter features will be disabled. warning: Jitter thinks QT 7 is installed, but cannot load some QT 7 functions
      Despite this message appears in Max 5, the solution was simple: no need to use spigot~ at all to play the video's audio. Just play the video and audio comes up too directly through my sound card. But unfortunatelly this is not the case in Max6, except Max6 Runtime that sometimes plays the audio (sometimes, don't)I don't know how, or why.
      The problems happens even with the simplest of the patches (I am attaching one now without spigot~ as created in Max 5 - you may use spigot~if you want, but the problem will persist). Thank you again in advance.
      Things I've already done: 1. Reinstall Max 2. Reinstall Quicktime 3. Update Quicktime 4. Looking for the .dll showed on the message
      [mod - removed patch - please use copy compressed]
    • Nov 27 2011 | 1:19 pm
      hi Marcelo.. this is a kind of issue for C74 support as suggested Robert... doing a fast search in the forum i found this: try you find more...
      btw.. have you tried to uninstall everything, erase all folders in the computer related to QT and Max in program and user preferences folders clean the register with p.e ccleaner, reboot and install everything from administrator accound? or running the install programs as administrtor?
      i cant load your patch, is best if you select all objects in the patch and do a edit->copy compressed to after paste it here...
      good luck!