Late to the Party

    Feb 02 2011 | 8:41 pm
    Hello All,
    I just got M4L there (availed of a discount) and I have been poking around. I am really lost on the Live.Observer Live.Path side of things. Is there a resource for tutorials. Rather than just looking at somebody else's patch. I have gone through the Max 4 Live help but it did not really help me.
    Also is it possible to take in AUDIO and send MIDI OUT for things like envelope follower to MIDI, might be interesting to try mapping audio analysis parameters to MIDI control.
    Lastly has anyone tried to do any convolution. I would love to be able to convolve 2 channels in Ableton. Is this possible/practical. I am not sure how to send 2 audio channels into a single M4L patch. You could do it ch1 left and ch2 right and then route both to a group with an M4L patch on the group in Ableton but stereo would be better.
    A lot of questions but I am very new and get stumped easy.

    • Feb 03 2011 | 1:14 pm
      One thing which you should always remember; when it comes to M4L you're basically "limited" to the capabilities which Live has to offer.
      For example; your midi/audio question. It is possible, but with a work around. This is required because Live will only accept audio coming out of an audio effect and a midi effect will only get midi signals. A solution could be to create 2 patches; an audio and a midi effect. The audio effect can then influence the midi effect through the use of send/receive. Note that it can only send lists and such, you also have send~/receive~ in M4L but those do not work across patches.
      The best examples I can come up with for the Live API are the Introduction to the Live API and the Live API overview. Both give you some extra information about all this (note; this is also included with the documentation which come with Max).
      No ideas about convolution though..
      Hope this helps.
    • Feb 04 2011 | 7:49 pm
      Hi ShelLuser,
      Thanks for the response. Send and Receive looks pretty easy. I'll stumble through the cycling help. I was hoping for a vid or something more stupid proof. Pity about the convolution. I was kind of hoping M4L would be kind of like Kyma or Max+TimeLine.