Audio signal latency from live devices

    Nov 20 2013 | 12:52 am
    Im doing some time sensitive stuff in live (basically a template where I pass audio between different channels). Pretty simple stuff you would have thought.
    Well, it seems that whenever I put a maxforlive device in the signal chain (even consisting of nothing more than a plugin and plugout), there is some latency added. For each device I add, there is further latency.
    This is on live 8.2.2. I realise these things might have been sorted in live 9.1, but I want to make sure the template Im building is both live 8 & 9 compatible.
    Has anyone noticed this?
    An easy way to reproduce this error, is to set up two channels to take the audio. One with a max device with a simple plugin and plugout object connected and one channel with not effects at all. Then play them at the same time (mix them in together) you will notice there is a delay on the channel with the maxforlive device.

    • Nov 20 2013 | 3:48 pm
      There is also an even bigger delay introduced when a patch is opened for editing.
      How come noone has run into this before?
    • Nov 20 2013 | 6:24 pm
      search under PDC at the KVR forum
    • Nov 20 2013 | 7:24 pm
      Make sure 'Delay Compensation' in Live is checked (Options menu).
    • Nov 21 2013 | 12:59 am
      Hi Broc,
      I cant find that setting in the options menu. I have "Driver Error Compensation" but that is a numbox. You got any idea where this should be found?
    • Nov 21 2013 | 10:28 am
      Options menu != Preferences.
    • Nov 22 2013 | 3:01 pm
      Thanks Broc,
      Ive checked and can see that indeed "Delay Compensation" is already ticked.
      There must be something else causing this latency. It seems to be inherent within any M4L device (even if there are no objects inside it).
    • Apr 15 2014 | 2:27 pm
      Hey Newtfish,
      i cannot reproduce this behaviour in live 9.3. Although when you do automation you will run into timing problems. the problem is not the plugin delay compensation but the plug-in automation delay compensation. this really bothers me . i tried mostly to work only with ableton plugins in order to not run into such things and also i liked very very much the max for live stuff and was happy that they joined forces. i hoped therefore that they integrate it without these latency issues. but as i tested today i was wrong. max for live plugins behave like any other third party plugin. the audio delay will be compensated but as soon as you start automating things will get sloppy. i think a professional audio DAW (which i think ableton wants to be, foremost when you look at the price tag) shouldn't accept this behviour and i am little puzzled that cycling74 went on this train.... ableton are aware of this problem since version 5 i guess but dont do anything against it. instead they just do pretty heavy marketing. it will be interesting what will happen when there is the 2.0 version of bitwig. which looks like they will incorporate a similar approach to their daw as maxforlive. they allready fixed the plug-in automation delay issue. so this shows it is doable!! i am deeply disappointet of ableton!! and some of this disappointment also affects maxforlive!!