Launchpad 64 steps ImpulseSequencer

    Feb 09 2010 | 12:32 am
    Hello. I'm trying to assemble a midi device to sequence Impulse with a Launchpad, using the live.step object. The basic idea is: The live.step runs 8 sequences simultaneously. Each sequence is fold with a single pitch (the pitches Impulse responds to, i.e C3 to C4), and is attached to its own Impulse slot. Each note can be toggled between 3 velocities, 0 for "note-off", 64 and 127. The beat is created by velocity manipulation only.
    On the Launchpad side, we use the scene buttons to select the Impulse slot we want to sequence. ("Vol" for the kick, "pan" for the snare or slot 2, "sndA" for slot 3 ...) That way each slot has its "page" -the full 64 button grid- on the LP... so we can have up to 64 steps sequence display on only one page. ... With LEDs feedback of course.
    What is done for the moment? (It works with User2 mode) -The scene buttons selects and allows for editing their corresponding sequence in the live.step. The LED feedback on the scene buttons is working. - When selected, the sequence is edited with the button_matrix (for the moment only 16 steps -the 2 first rows on the matrix). First press on a button > velocity 64. Second press > velocity 127. Third press, velocity 0.
    I have began something for the LED feedback, but it's not the priority. However it's a good way to see what has to be done and what works.
    -The first thing to do now is about pages independance: The velocity of each step is choosen by using a counter who takes the corresponding button signal. Each press count and set a different velocity. That's ok. [ I've put a counter for every steps (only 16 for the moment), I am new to max and don't know a more optimised way for the moment. For sure I've made the mistake to use only one counter when I've started... Do you know what was the (obvious) problem ?? :wink: :!: ] But now I need to patch something with the same idea, regarding pages. Because, for example: If I'm in sequence (page) 1 for the kick, I press the step1 button one time > the velocity is set to 64. If now I go to the snare (page or sequence 2 - selected with the "Pan" button), and press its step1 button, what happens? My step1 counter is at 1 (because of the kick I've just setup), and pressing it one more time will push it to 2... so my snare's velocity is 127... And if I go back to my same kick step and press it... it won't have a 127 velocity (remember it was at 64), but 0. Because the same counter counts for all my "pages". I think I can resolve this problem. But what I know I can't figure out for the moment is: How would I properly and efficeintly store and recall each steps state when switching between "pages"??? The novation StepSeq is a good source of informations for this, but this patch is very complex for me for the moment. What's the best method in your opinion?
    Assuming your launchpad is control_surfaces 2 Here's the patch: [code]
    I Hope my english is clear enough! Thanks for your help. Jul