Launchpad trigger + API editing

    Aug 29 2012 | 4:12 am
    Hey everyone. Just downloaded Max on Monday so stick with me. I've got some essential ideas down. I'm working with the launchpad and user 1 mode. I have a send value creating a red LED feedback on the arm button. I currently have the ARM button triggering the Toggle Transport API as well.
    A few issues. I was wondering how best to slightly change the Trigger Transport API . I re-created the Transport API but had no clue where to send my midi trigger in the code. At the moment the ARM button just toggle's the TransportAPI and the play button in Ableton, so the minute I let go, everything stops.
    I know I'm very close to getting this functionality for this. I need a toggle switch to keep transport playing. and then another button to stop playing. proper toggling. I know I have to use the stop_playing and start_playing functions. Given the code I've already started can someone help me out. Second issue. How do I get the SelectControlSurface API to auto-select the launchpad right away in dropdown menu, without useing bang before. Hopefully this is possible. I have searched the forum for both questions and I couldn't find the info I needed. If it's in the search somewhere please point me there!
    Thanks for reading and appreciate your time. Attached the working ARM button with LED feedback and the re-created transport API. Could someone help me connect my patch. Thanks again -K