Learn Max/MSP and Arduino in San Francisco

    Sep 01 2010 | 11:23 pm
    Graphical Programming Environments for Sound and Media: A Beginner’s Guide to Max/Msp/Jitter Instructor: Jonathan Grover 12 Sessions/Thursdays, September 9–December 2 (no class on November 25) Time: 7:30–10:30pm Location: Studio 20A Number: DT1003 Tuition: $480
    This course explores the use of Max/Msp/Jitter, an interactive graphical programming environment for music, audio, and media on Mac platforms. For over twenty years this software has been used by artists, musicians, scientists, and educators to create truly unique customized programs for sound, video, multimedia, and data reinterpretation. By means of interconnecting different pieces from a library of objects that represent small snippets of code, Max’s graphical interface allows nonprogrammers to create programs without having to learn or to write code. This course will introduce students to the basics of Max’s programming interface and teach students to construct their own patches (custom audio programs created within Max) enabling them to create sound generation, sampling, and video playback/manipulation that can be controlled with external controllers (e.g., game controllers, OSC, MIDI devices, and custom controllers made from Arduino microcontrollers outfitted with a variety sensors and actuators). Students will gain an understanding of the way digital audio works, how to navigate and create with Max software, and how to interface common sensors with microcontrollers. They will also gain the practical knowledge and problem-solving skills to develop and design their own interactive installations, sculptures, and instruments for performance-based art or experimentation. Prerequisite: general knowledge of Mac OS.