Learning max/msp/jitter

    Apr 27 2008 | 12:04 pm
    I realize that this applies to Max 4 but still...
    A while ago I posted a summary of learning resources that I prepared
    for a
    residency at Willamette University. I attached it to an email but it did
    not reach the list. I when to the forum site and posted the message
    with the attachment but it still didn't arrive on the list. Many people
    have downloaded it from the forum and it is still there. You can see my
    message at
    download the attachment directly from...
    There seems to be a sudden increase (yeah!) in new users with lots of
    questions that can be answered by going through the things on my list.
    Gary Lee Nelson
    TIMARA Department
    Oberlin College

    • Apr 27 2008 | 12:26 pm
      I'm retired from Oberlin but the teacher in me still kicks in now and
      Reading manuals is not a waste of time. There have been several
      recent posts
      that are almost immediately answered by referring the questioner to a
      object. I love newbies but this makes learning max a very long and
      frustrating process.
      Here what I did/do...
      First, read the Max/MSP manuals from cover to cover without trying to
      every detail. This gives a general understanding of what is there.
      Then, periodically, skim the manual reading only the headers. On the
      is the name of the object and on the left is a brief description of the
      object. If the object has a graphic representation it is in the
      middle of the
      header. I do this about once a week and it takes 10-15 minutes - less
      time I skim. I also skim the bookmarks in the PDF files stopping to read
      about objects that I don't recognize or remember. What this does is
      remind me
      of what is in the toolkit. When a need arises for a particular
      function I can usually
      answer by telling myself that that function does exist. Saves me the
      in trying to write it myself.
      I do the same thing - less perfectly (right, ej, st?) - with the
      third party
      packages that I use regularly.
      Another approach is to use maxobjects.com as a thesaurus. Try searching
      "increment decrement." I got seven items including IncDec with some
      descriptions running to more than 10 lines. It also included gak, a
      algorithm kit that I did not know about. So (sorry to use my professor
      voice) but I learned something useful while looking for something
      else. Now
      THAT saves time!
      Gary Lee Nelson
      TIMARA Department
      Oberlin College