Learning more about 3D

    Aug 29 2011 | 9:22 am
    I'm trying to teach myself more about 3d in max, mainly OpenGL, so I'm attempting to copy techniques I've seen. The first is this: http://tasarix.com/v10-pages/7pwrs.html. To me it looks like it's drawn from the base up gradually, it changes colour, grows in size and orbit as it goes. I can do the last three things but it's the trail or line it leaves that has me stuck. I thought maybe a line with points being added to a sketch but a line is flat, it doesn't have volume, any ideas?
    Second question, can't find a visual to explain this, but it's a texture effect I've seen somewhere where the texture on a 3d shape isn't wrapped around the shape but is flat on it as if the shape is a window through which the texture is seen. Pretty sure this is easy, just can't remember how to do it.
    Thanks in advance Garrett

    • Aug 29 2011 | 2:25 pm
      This is what I've come up since my earlier post. I'm guessing it's not the best of ideas because it relies on not reseting the sketch so how would I effectively do what this does but correctly (in the gl sense of not losing frame rate/overrunning the buffer/crashing)? Thanks in advance.
    • Aug 30 2011 | 1:09 pm
      for the texture, try the @texmap attribute maybe?
    • Aug 30 2011 | 1:20 pm
      Hi, did you make some attempt to simulate qsound effect whit Max????
    • Aug 30 2011 | 4:22 pm
      >for the texture, try the @texmap attribute maybe?
      Hi seejayjames
      Yes progressed a little on the second part since I posted this thanks to Joshua's post here: https://cycling74.com/forums/re-adding-tex_map-into-gl_commands-routine
      This: glenable texture_gen_s, glenable texture_gen_t, gltexgeni s, texture_gen_mode, eye_linear, gltexgeni t, texture_gen_mode, eye_linear, gltexgenfv s, eye_plane, ob3d->tex_plane_s, gltexgenfv t, eye_plane, ob3d->tex_plane_t,
      with textmap turned off is starting to do what I want but the size of the texture is smaller than my object so I need to scale it up but don't know how. I saw mention of a scale_x, scale_y in a post somewhere but don't know how this goes into the gl. Any ideas? Thanks.