Legacy Jitter 1.5.3 CFM release candidate 2

    Oct 05 2006 | 7:58 pm
    A new release candidate of Jitter 1.5.3 for OS X CFM for use with MaxMSP 4.5.x is now available for download at the following link. Release notes at bottom, but this release will be especially useful for anyone using spigot~, users with multiple graphics cards, and people with stereo 3D graphics cards.
    As always please let us know of any problems you encounter and include example patches, steps to reproduce, and system information with your report. While these versions seem to be pretty stable, as always with beta software, it is not recommended for installation/ performance work, and recommended that you back up your work before installing and more often while working with the software.
    OS X CFM for use with MaxMSP 4.5.x: https://cycling74.com/download/jitter153rc2osx.dmg
    Thanks, Joshua
    changes since Jitter 1.5.3 rc1
    new features: - jit.gl.render new draw_buffer attribute for use with stereo contexts - jit.window new stereo attribute for active stereo
    bug fixes: - jit.matrix fix for memory leak - jit.op/jit.expr fix for wrap and fold operators on Intel - jit.gl.slab fix for glreadback fbo unsupported format errors - jit.gl.slab fix for multi-GPU, multi-monitor Macintosh systems - jit.gl.texture fix for issues capturing and sharing between contexts - jit.qt.movie fix for double loop notifications on first play of newly-read movie in soc mode - jit.qt.movie fix for various stability issues with spigot~ - jit.qt.movie fix for memory leak - jitter audio objects fix for crashes when closing patchers with audio on - spigot~ fix for XML entity encoding bug