LEMURplex Fall Classes Begin September 25th

    Sep 13 2006 | 9:16 pm
    LEMURplex Fall Classes Begin September 25th
    The first session of Fall classes at LEMURplex covers basic skills in
    electronics and Max/MSP/Jitter. Second-session classes covering more
    advanced skills and other aspects of art and technology will be
    announced shortly.
    Please visit http://lemurplex.org/classes.html for more information
    and to register.
    Mondays, September 25, October 2 & October 16, 6:30-9:30 pm
    Cycling '74 Jitter
    Instructor: Joshua Goldberg
    This is a three-session introduction to Jitter, Cycling '74's matrix
    dataset processing environment. On a very prosaic level, Jitter can
    be used to build custom-tailored VJ applications, but even the most
    cursory exploration demonstrates that this tool is capable of so much
    more. Our class will cover those prosaic examinations, move into the
    much more exciting realms of 3D OpenGL visualization and computer
    vision techniques, and culminate in an exploration of the arcane
    realms of synesthesia and visual music.
    A basic familiarity with the Max programming paradigm is greatly
    encouraged; this will be a very exciting, very fast-paced course.
    However, smart and flexible people may be able to pick up the basics
    as we go along.
    Tuesdays, September 26, October 3 & October 10, 6:30-9:30 pm
    A Multifaceted, Multimedia Approach
    Instructor: Dana Karwas
    This class will focus on the basics of Max/MSP and is intended for
    anyone interested in incorporating Max/MSP into his or her work. No
    prior experience with Max/MSP/Jitter or computer programming is
    required. The class will feature an overview of digital sound
    processing, sampling, basic digital sound synthesis, software
    techniques for communicating with external devices, and interfacing
    with larger physical and aural environments. The structure of the
    class will follow a two-fold approach, aiming to provide a sufficient
    level of programming skills while emphasizing concept by
    deconstructing representative real word examples.
    Wednesdays, September 27, October 4 & October 11, 6:30-9:30 pm
    Basic Circuitry for Arts & Multimedia
    Instructor: Michael Ang
    This class is designed as a practical introduction to understanding
    electronics and circuit design. In this course, students will learn
    the principles of electronics and how to incorporate basic circuits
    into their projects and art. Subjects covered will include electronic
    components, symbols and schematics, electricity flow, making
    connections, testing, troubleshooting, hacking cheap consumer items,
    a brief intro to microcontrollers and more. By the end of this course
    students will feel comfortable with basic circuits, building kits,
    and have inspiration for future exploration. No previous knowledge of
    electronics is assumed.
    Thursdays, September 28, October 5 & October 12, 6:30-9:30 pm
    Audio Processing in MSP
    Instructor: Luke DuBois
    This class will focus on MSP, a set of audio and signal processing
    extensions to the Max language that allow for the creation of
    software audio synthesizers, samplers, and effects processors that
    work in real time. The class will begin with an overview of audio
    signal processing theory, moving into different basic types of
    synthesizer design and sampler creation. Issues such as MIDI control,
    polyphony management, and multi-channel audio will be covered, as
    will basic digital filter theory and audio processing basics.