Length of Audio Recording with sfplay~

    Dec 04 2019 | 7:23 pm
    Hi all,
    just for curiosity - I tried to record two audio files in parallel using two sfrecord~ objects overnight, and both files stopped recording exactly at 3:22:52.83. Both were stereo files, 44.1k & 16Bit, using Max 8.1.1 and on Mac OS 10.14.1. Both files are exactly 2,147,287,094 Bytes. So as both files came out exactly the same (I started them at different times), I wondered what the limitation was.
    Note this is just out of curiosity, as I have to plunk them into ProTools anyway, and can create several 3hr files if needed. That said, I may have a project tomorrow where I need to record an 8hr file in one swoop.
    Thanks, Hans Tammen