Light feed back in Presentation Mode

    Jun 07 2014 | 1:15 am
    Hey Y'all,
    So i've been trying to gain control on the Button matrix LEDs via max 4 live and cannot for the life of me figure out for to enable the push during presentation / patching mode.
    For example, when I run the final patch from this tutorial ( when the device is in ableton, I am able to 'grab' the device and the lights act as expected, but in presentation / patching mode, the link between the push and max is broken they are no longer connected.
    When running the demo version of max, I am able to select the Push as it's own midi out device and send it color message via the method used here ( As far as I can tell, one limitation of Max 4 Live is that is doesn't allow you to select different midi sources (It is made "Max MIDI Instrument").
    Anyone know a workaround for sending raw midi to the Push when using max 4 live?

    • Jun 10 2014 | 7:18 pm
      Lemme simplify my question:
      Anyone know a decent way to debug / experiment with the LiveAPI for the Push in Max 4 Live without having to use the patch in the ableton effect channel?
      Having to save your patch, then test it in the ableton effects blows -- How can I communicate with the Push while still editing my Max 4 Live patch??
    • Jun 22 2014 | 2:40 am
      I solved my problem: The answer ended up being that the initial bang from the selecting of the Push and as interface wasn't in turn banging "path control_surfaces" message box.
      I created a demo patch for controlling RGB colors. Should work automatically now, would appriciate feedback if you try it.