Light Master MIDI Dimmer

    Sep 16 2008 | 3:10 pm
    Has anyone had any success/failure with the Light Master as a MIDI dimmer? Does anyone know of any cheaper MIDI Dimmer alternatives?
    thanks, ~TSG

    • Sep 17 2008 | 1:30 pm
      I'm using them on many installations and they work very well. They're also very reliable and small. Unfortunately, last time I wanted to buy some, I've had a hard time contacting Mediamat. They didn't answer to my emails and I started to try to find something else. I finally bought Elation CyberPack instead and I really like them as well. They can also be controlled with DMX and they're cheaper than Lightmaster. Only thing is that they're a little bigger.
    • Sep 17 2008 | 2:41 pm
      Woah. That looks much cooler and much more stable than the Light Master. Excuse this possible n00b question, but this will work with Max correct?
    • Sep 17 2008 | 2:56 pm
      Absolutely. It works with noteout and you can also use with DMX. If you want to use it with DMX, you'll need a USB to DMX converter. I use udmx:
      The main advantages with DMX are: 256 channels instead of 16, range from 0 to 255 instead of 0 to 127
    • Sep 17 2008 | 3:01 pm
      I already own a MIDI to USB converter, would that work as well? Does the DMX work better? I've never used DMX before.
    • Sep 17 2008 | 3:10 pm
      No, your MIDI interface won't work with DMX. Like I said, I'd rather use DMX because you can use up to 512 channels (I said 256 but I was wrong, anyway, it's probably more than you'll need) instead of 16 and the resolution is better (256 steps instead of 128) Also, I've got the feeling DMX is faster but you'll need to validate that info, I'm not sure. The udmx cost around 200$ but if you go with DMX, there's dimmer packs like the CyberPack but DMX-only and they're much cheaper. Anyway, if you buy the CyberPack, you'll be able to use either one.
    • Sep 17 2008 | 3:12 pm
      I'm sorry, I didn't even read the second part of the post about the advantages of DMX over MIDI :-p
      What Max object would you use for DMX? (Instead of noteout)
    • Sep 17 2008 | 3:21 pm
      There's a udmx object. You simply send it a list. Number one is dmx channel 1, number two is channel dmx 2, etc. Multislider works well with it as well.
    • Sep 17 2008 | 3:26 pm
      You've been an amazing resource!!
    • Sep 17 2008 | 4:29 pm
      Also, even more importantly. DMX is much safer and many performance spaces, will not allow midi dimmers if they are not always attended. This is because of the dmx signal is lost the lights shut off. Also, I've bought 4-channel dmx dimmers for $100. (They are usually crappy quality - Don't use for fast blinking of high-wattage lights). Have worked totally reliably with 300watts per channel. I've had problems with 600 watt fixtures.
    • Sep 17 2008 | 5:07 pm
      Do you have a link to these inexpensive DMX dimmers? I basically want to control three standard clip lights w/ a normal house hold light bulb (60 watt?). Over each one of those clip lights I want a theatre gel; one red, one green, one blue. This way I can create different colors (on a whole) by combing the three behind a case.
      That's why the 0-255 of DMX got me so excited, because computers determine color on a 0-255 scale...which I'm sure isn't a coincidence.
      Any other advice Christopher? Does this seem doable?
    • Sep 17 2008 | 5:25 pm
      I don't have a link but if you google 4-channel dmx dimmer pack, you should find it quite easily. I think the Elation number model is DP415.