line~ don't understand stop

    Sep 05 2006 | 7:28 pm
    Hello MaxMSP List,
    I can't get line~ understanding stop nor pause, nor resume.
    Just open the help file of line~ and test it, please.
    powerbook G4
    MAX/MSP 4.6.1
    Jitter 1.6.1

    • Sep 05 2006 | 7:42 pm
    • Sep 06 2006 | 12:11 am
    • Sep 21 2006 | 5:22 pm
      taprik writes:
      > I try to run max without the two files allowing support of objects
      > from previous versions of max (MaxAudioCFMAdaptor.shlb,
      > MaxCFMAdaptor.shlb) and now it works.
      > Curious !
      Exactly the same thing happens to me that you describe (with 4.6):
      with the CFM shlibs line~ doesn't understand stop, pause and resume; without those shlibs, it works fine. I have only one line~ object on my system.