Link between msp objects in the same patch

    Jul 18 2011 | 3:04 pm
    I would like to know if the following behavior is normal (because it could explain one of my issue) :
    For example, with 2 MSP objects whose main outlet is connected to a different Print object, if I change the argument of ONLY ONE of the 2 MSP object, then a message ("Signal") will be sent into the TWO print objects.
    You can check it in this enclosed patch.
    Thanks for the help.

    • Jul 20 2011 | 3:17 pm
      First, why do you want to input some signals in [print]? If you have a look to the [print] documentation, you'll see that it doesn't say you can input a signal in it.
      You should consider that no max object (i.e, the ones without ~) can receive signals. (even if it may work sometimes, definitely avoid it).
      Anyway. So here is the hidden feature you found : [print] prints `signal' the first time he receives a new signal. When you change the argument of an msp object, max needs to rebuilt the signal chain (it's exactly the same as if you create a new msp object in the patch). When max rebuilds the signal chain, the behavior is the same as turning off and back on the audio. And when it's back on, your [print] will think its the first time he sees the signals, and prints `signal' again.
      I'm not sure what you want to do here. if you want to know when the dsp chain is rebuilt, you better use [dspstatus~]. If you want to have an idea of the signals values then you should have a look to [number~] or [snapshot~].
      hope this helps, charles
    • Jul 22 2011 | 9:51 am
      Ok, thanks you very much for the explanation.
      I just printed the signal in order to try to understand a strange behavior of the reson~ objects when they are several in a patch.