List-related query

    Apr 27 2011 | 10:49 am
    Hi all,
    Is there an object that stores values and allows you to output x number of them as a list? Sort of like [zl group] but with a memory I guess.

    • Apr 27 2011 | 1:08 pm
      [zl stream] ? or [zl slice] ?
    • Apr 27 2011 | 3:13 pm
      Sort of, except not requiring a list as input, rather a stream of integers.
      Thanks though
    • Apr 27 2011 | 3:42 pm
      as ch mentioned, have a look at zl stream.
    • Apr 27 2011 | 7:51 pm
      The only issue is I need to be able to specify the list length afterwards - rather than waiting for n items, i want to be able to say "fetch me the last n items" at any point. I didn't think did that, but I am very likely to be wrong!