little synths/samplers for my drum synth?

    Sep 04 2007 | 2:34 pm
    I have made a drum sequencer for which I am trying to integrate lot's of different little sound making modules.
    Right now there are several simple FM modules, waveshaper and sample based. The focus on each one has been to make really interesting sounds (unconventional, glitchy etc.) with simple parameters that result in dramatic and interesting changes.
    With the massive wealth of max patches/objects I was wondering if someone could recommend some particularly good little sound making devices??
    My sequencer basically just sends them a bang message to tell them to play (no pitch value). But I am also sending tons of control data via a matrix~ and stacks of tempo based envelopes that can be routed to any of their control parameters.

    • Sep 04 2007 | 4:32 pm
      if glitchy strange sounds is what your shooting for, then it should be quite easy, and a ton of fun, to just play around with all synthesis possibilites that MAX/MSP provides. i have spent hours making werid little 'noise' boxes that, just like yours, take a single bang and out put a sound.
      I think that creating your own 'drum modules' will be easier and more satisfying than trying to deconstruct existing modules to make them work with your device.
      amplitude and pitch envelopes.
      weird combinations of tone-producing objects.
      yes, those are simple concpets, but they provide and edless spectrum of sound possibilities.
    • Sep 04 2007 | 5:58 pm
      Here is something that I end up using a bunch for producing little hits, clicks and whatnots.
      Happy Patching!
      Andrew B.
    • Sep 05 2007 | 3:34 am
      that is pretty simmilar to a little module I already made but it is a good idea to display the buffer and use the waveform~ object. That will open up a whole bunch of interesting ways for me to manipulate the audio file. Also the drawing a buffer features are cool too.
      cheers, Danjel
    • Sep 08 2007 | 7:06 pm
      I played with your app and it can make some cool sounds!
      The analog cymbals sounds really useful but my favourite is the Klanger. When I looked at the patch(es) I was a little lost (you have global sends/receives burried deep in subpatches!) Do you happen to have a mroe mdoern version of the klanger/resonator?
      cheers, Danjel