Live Audio Input Using the MOTU Traveler

    Feb 22 2006 | 2:18 am
    I am using the MOTU Traveler as the audio interface for my live music
    input. I am having problems getting Max/MSP to accept the input. The
    driver is recognized in the DSP Status window, but I am not getting any
    results and cannot hear anything when I plug in the microphones. And
    yes, my speakers are turned up. Can someone please help me? I will be
    using this type of setup to mic a performance of a symphony and use the
    input as triggers for my visuals that will accompany the performace. I
    have tried using adc~ to receive the input, but maybe I'm doing
    something wrong. Please help me. I'm in a time crunch!! Thanks.

    • Feb 22 2006 | 8:27 am
      Troubleshooting 101:
      Presuming that a [cycle~440 -> *~ 0.1 -> dac~] is heard...
      after the obvious
      1- mic plugged?
      2- concenser mic? if yes, please +48v
      3- preamp gain?
      4- change mic cable?
      5- change microphone?
      Open the Extra menu called Meterin
      Do you see something while the Audio is On?
      in Option -> DSP Status -> I/O Mappings
      is the mapping right?
      After that, virtual help is more abstract.
      Good luck
    • Feb 22 2006 | 10:10 pm
      A long shot - forgive the obvious - one should always remember that
      the Traveler is essentially an 8 in 8 out mixer with many hardware
      and software controls. So I would suggest you open the "FireWire
      CueMix Console" application and bring up the virtual faders for your
      inputs, set them to the correct bus output, check the input level
      pads, etc. Or you can also do this with the knobs on the front. In
      the past I have found that tweaking these parameters can help if I'm
      just not getting any sound in.
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