Live Devices's Presets loading dynamically.

    Sep 16 2013 | 12:00 am
    I want to optimise my Live set, specially in what concerns to memory usage. I'm thinking that instead of have for example 4 instances of Operator's, to have just one and change the preset automatically.
    Is there any method already proven for this task?
    Other options I'm thinking on are (in order of personal interest):
    - Create in Max4Live a dummy with all the device parameters linked to the real device and use Max's preset system.
    - "Program" different presets by the use of the automation and Clip's envelopes. This one I don't like too much because there is a "bug" on Live that re-enable disabled envelopes without the user request, this happens when you move the knob/fader/value, automation for that parameter should stay deactivated but it doesn't.
    So if I want to control a particular parameter I will have to create 2 clips one with the automation and the other without, and make Live to jump quick from clip1 to clip2, so the first will "load the preset" and the next will be clear to drive params by Push or any MIDI controller.
    - Liine Kapture. This one is too bugy, recall by MIDI track clip's name just work after you open and close Kapture on Max editor.
    So suggestions welcome! :)