[live.drop] from Loop Shifter?

    Feb 02 2010 | 10:18 pm
    It seems the appearance of the [live.drop] object from Loop Shifter can be altered in ways that the one from the object palette can't.
    The annoying "Drop Something Here!" (or whatever) attribute can be blank as opposed to " " or something. The display of the dropped file's basename is not displayed.
    Pretty nice, because you can handle these labels yourself then, just like Max's [dropfile] object.
    Are the two [live.drop]s the same object? Am I missing something about setting [live.drop]'s attributes? Is it OK to copy the one out of Loop Shifter and use it in your M4L patches?
    Thnx, Charles

    • Feb 02 2010 | 10:47 pm
      OK, I see that you can send a "legend" message to the [live.drop] from Loop Shifter to get the standard legend and filename display, but what message/attribute will switch off the legend and filename display so that [live.drop] will look like [dropfile]?
      Thnx, Charles
      PS: Also for me, recent Max 5.1.2, Live 8.1.2b3, the [live.drop] help patch doesn't actually display a filename in the message box as it purports to show, and clicking on the "Open [live.drop] Reference" takes you to a blank page. You have to go to the main Max documentation, select MaxForLive and then M4L objects A-Z or something...